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Looking to unload some cels or trade for something in my gallery? Check and see if you have any of the wishlist items below and drop me a message through the feedback page!

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Characters: Cels
Heero and Relena Cels - Any and all, especially cels with both of them together. Will Give Kidney
Dekim Barton - Endless Waltz only obviously, but definitely looking for a Dekim cel High
Duo Maxwell - Looking for a reasonably priced full headshot of Duo. High
Minor Characters - Looking for secondary characters, specifically, but not limited to OZ Soldiers Trant, Nicol, and Walker, General Septum, Colonel Bundt, Lt. Nanaki, Brigadier General Daigo Onegell, OZ Engineer Meiser, Duke Dermail, Chief Engineer Tubarov, Colonel Sedici, Master Long, Vice Foreign Minister Darlian, Pagan, and the original Heero Yuy. High
Hilde Schbeiker - Love Hilde, so any of her would be nice. Medium
Lady Une - Need two Une cels, one in her red Lt. Colonel's uniform or OZ Pilot suit and one in her Ambassador outfit Medium
Mariemaia Khushrenada - Any and all Mariemaia cels, especially ones in her military attire. Medium
Lucrezia Noin - Noin is awesome. Period. However, preferably not in her "cowgirl" outfit. Low
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Mobile Suits: Cels
Wing Zero Custom - Will probably give a lung and spleen too. Will Give Kidney
Endless Waltz Suits - Deathscythe Hell Custom, Heavyarms Custom, Sandrock Custom, Altron Custom, Tallgeese III, Taurus (White), Serpent Custom, Heero's Leo Very High
Heavyarms / Heavyarms Kai - Looking to add a nice full shot of the Heavyarms. Very High
Wing Zero / Wing Gundam - Any and all. Very High
Cancer - Looking for an OZ Cancer amphibious suit cel High
Epyon Gundam - Any cel would be awesome, but priority for ones that include the heat whip. Medium
Leo - Looking for Ground Leos with the Advanced Mobile Option Flight Pack and one with a Dober Gun Medium
Maguanac Corps - Any version of the Maguanac suits would be sweet. Medium
Shenlong - Looking for another nice Shenlong cel, preferably a headshot Medium
Virgo II - Would like a nice cel of the White Fang mobile doll. Medium
Aries - I really love the Aries design, even as a cannon fodder suit. Low
Mobile Suit Carrier - Either the Airplane, Mobile Doll Dropship, Zech's Blue Shuttle, or the Leo Space Carrier. Low
Peacemillion / Libra / Barge - A nice shot of either battleship or Barge would be a sweet addition. Low
Batman TAS
Any cel of Batman, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, or the Scarecrow from the Animated Series. Low
Cowboy Bebop
Don't need an amazing cel, but any cel of Spike, Fay, or Ed would be a welcome addition! Medium
Darker than Black
BK201, Yin, Kirihara - Any douga or sketches from Darker than Black would be awesome to have! Medium
Dragonball Z
Vegeta - Would like just one Vegeta cel, preferably from Frieza, Android, or Cell Sagas. Medium
G Gundam - Mobile Fighters (Suits)
Gundam Fight matches, Devil Gundam, Gundam Spiegal (Neo Germany), or Lumber Gundam (Neo Canada) cels would be nice to get my hands on. Also, if there is a cel of the cameo appearance of Wing Gundam at the end of the series, I'd really be interested in it. Low
Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket - Mobile Suits
MS-18E Kampfer or RX-78 NT-1 Alex cels. Love the design of both suits, especially the Kampfer. Only cels I'd be interested in from this short series. Medium
Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory - Mobile Suits
Specifically looking for cels of the RGM-79N GM Custom, GP03 Dendrobium, and the AMX-002 Neue Ziel mobile armor. Other cels of Zeon mobile suits such as the Dom Tropen, Xamel, Gelgoog, or Zaku IIs would be nice too. Medium
Gundam 08th MS Team - Mobile Suits
Looking specifically for a cel of the MS-07B3 Gouf Custom, but any MS cels from this series would be awesome! High
Hajime No Ippo
Any cels of Ippo's training or fight sequences would be awesome. Same for Takamura cels as well. Low
Alucard, Seras, Pip Bernadotte, Rip Van Winkle - Looking for Hellsing Ultimate OVA sketches, dougas, or settei High
Hockey & Goalies
Any cels relating to ice hockey or goalies. The Mighty Ducks, Pro-Stars or any cel with a goalie mask or any other hockey-related subject matter. Medium
Lupin the Third: Part II
Any cels of Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, Fujiko, or Zenigata from Part II, preferably from Season 1 (1977-78). Medium
Outlaw Star
One cel each of Gene, Melfina, Hilda, Suzuka, and the XGP ship. Low
Todd McFarlane's Spawn
Any nice cels of Spawn with his cloak/shroud on and green eyes visible would be sweet. Also looking for any Violator cels (in Demon form) and a cel of Sam & Twitch. High
Would love at least one cel of Vash, Meryl, Wolfwood, Dominique the Cyclops, and Amelia from the Badlands Rumble movie. High
Vampire Hunter D
Would like a cel of D from either the 1985 movie or Bloodlust. Also any backgrounds from Bloodlust would be wonderful. Low

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